Gareth Davies


Gareth Davies

Running Rants

Running Rants Running is meant to be relaxing right? It’s meant to be therapeutic, giving you a chance to unwind and clear your mind and get away from all the stresses of life. And for me it does – I find running a great way to clear my mind and to think things through. But… […]


Dean Karnazes – The Ultimate Running Junkie?

Dean Karnazes – The Ultimate Running Junkie? If like me you have had an interest in people who run in crazy events or run distances that the general public would consider insane then you have probably come across this guy and maybe read some of his books. If you haven’t then here is a brief […]

Do You Dream Of Being An Elite Runner?

Do You Dream Of Being An Elite Runner? It’s not the typical kind of thing you dream about being as a kid when you grow up is it? However, I am sure with the increased media coverage of athletics since London 2012 more and more kids look up to athletes like Usain Bolt and Mo […]


My Running Friends

My Running Friends In this article I’d like to take the opportunity to share with you my best running friends, my companions I pound the pavements with, the friends I hit the trails with to splatter in mud and sweat. Together we have ran hundreds of miles over hundreds of hours. We have been many […]


What Are You Addicted To?

What Are You Addicted To? Addiction is a funny thing. You often hear about drug addiction and the like – real hard hitting stuff that ruins people lives. But what about smaller scale addictions? Things that become part of our routine that we rely on and struggle to do with out? Giving up my addiction […]

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