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Tom Love
Marilyn Okoro

Interview With GB Olympic Athlete Marilyn Okoro

Interview With GB Olympic Athlete Marilyn Okoro Through the wonders of modern technology I had the absolute pleasure of talking “across the pond” to Marilyn Okoro, a mainstay in the British 800m (fifth of GB’s all time fastest) and 4x400m team for almost a decade. Despite an already long day – interrupted at 6am by […]


Tri Carb Review

Tri Carb Review Myprotein are a value product, no doubt about it. But what about a specific carbohydrate supplement? Can they compete with the big guns of the fitness world? I recently put my tolerance of sit down loo visits to the test with Tri Carb… Product Overview Tri Carb is essentially a carbohydrate energy […]


Recovery XS Review

Recovery XS Review Well I have been thinking long and hard as to how to tackle this review. God knows why Myprotein have named this product Recovery XS. Neither ‘extra small’ nor ‘excess’ make any sense with relation to this supplement, but if you’re a review skimmer and you’re thinking CBA for the whole of […]


Recharge 2:1 Recovery Formula Review

Recharge 2:1 Recovery Formula Review Having courageously battled full time work whilst enjoying tonsil free tonsillitis (doctors, how does that work?!) the time is now for my 2014 fitness goals to become reality. Now, there are two types of run that kill me off for a day or two: The long long run – which […]

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