Do You Dream Of Being An Elite Runner?

Do You Dream Of Being An Elite Runner? It’s not the typical kind of thing you dream about being as a kid when you grow up is it? However, I am sure with the increased media coverage of athletics since London 2012 more and more kids look up to athletes like Usain Bolt and Mo […]


Using Magic Numbers For Motivation

Using Magic Numbers For Motivation Who uses magic numbers for motivation? Everyone has their own personal, private numbers that they use for their own running goals and motivation. Whether it’s trying to run a 4 minute mile, running the 0.87km around the block, trying to run 13km in under 1 hour, achieving negative splits, dropping a […]


Coming Out Of Health Hibernation: Breaking Fickle Fitness Habits

Coming Out Of Health Hibernation: Breaking Fickle Fitness Habits Christmas has definitely been and gone, there’s no debating that. It’s a cold, hard, concrete slab of a fact. That’s why one day recently I took a look in the mirror, grabbed the annually-occurring handful of love handle, and pouted: “I will get in shape for […]


The Curse Of “Runner’s Belly”

The Curse Of “Runner’s Belly” “Runner’s Belly”, “Radcliffe’s Runs”, “Paula’s Poops”… call it what you want there’s nothing worse than getting caught short while you’re mid run. I’m guessing a large proportion of Running Junkies readers will relate to this and if you are anything like me, you know the locations of the local “convenience […]

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