My Running Friends

In this article I’d like to take the opportunity to share with you my best running friends, my companions I pound the pavements with, the friends I hit the trails with to splatter in mud and sweat.

Together we have ran hundreds of miles over hundreds of hours.

We have been many places together and seen lots of sights.

Together we have shared good and bad times, celebrated achievements and commiserated defeats.

They have been an integral part of my highest highs as well as being part of my lowest lows.

Say hello to my little friends…

First of all I would like to introduce my newest running friend.

photo 2 (1)

The Asics GT2000, brand new, shiny, almost sparkling and smelling fresh straight out of the box.

So far we have only had two short walks together to the shops as we get used to each other but together we have ambitious plans.

photo 1 (1)

My plan is for my newest friend to take me through to the successful completion of at least one marathon in the autumn and assist me to go under the 4 hour barrier.

My second friend has been a faithful and fairly dependable friend over the last 6-9 months, although somewhat simpler and less complicated than some of my other friends.

photo 3 (1)

Picked up at a bargain basement price, we have been through some tough times with the lowest ebb probably being the Benfleet 15 in January when we literally came apart in ankle deep mud.

photo 2 (3)

photo 1 (3)

We were both looking the worse for wear from the experience but luckily it all came out in the wash.

Enriched by the experiences we have shared we have continued to bond largely because of my favouite colour being orange.

We have often come to disagreements though especially over a nagging disagreement in my right foot’s arch caused by a sharper piece of panelling rubbing against my in step.

These differences aside we have still pushed through to become an effective team.

We will see where are relationship goes now a newer more attractive model full of promise is on the scene.

A future of gym work, walking and casual use appears to be on the cards…

My two older friends include my dependable back up plan always there to add variety and a break when required.

photo 4 (1)

Offering additional ankle support and more than ample cushioning in a classic style, what’s not to like?

Oh yeah, the shin pain that rapidly developed in our first few months together which put a difficult strain on our relationship from the outset.

We managed to get through these issues and forge a strong friendship from being together through my most difficult challenge faced in the wind and mud on the steep inclines of the south Downs during the Beachy Head Marathon.

We often reminisce of those trying 5 hours and reflect on the anguish we went through over those last few miles.

Despite our relationship never blossoming into us being the best of running buddies we have developed a good friendship through regular gym trips and walks to work.

photo 3

My oldest and dearest friend really has seen better days.

Coming into my life a few years ago we were very regular running companions as I stepped up my training and started to take my running ever more seriously.

Although, in recent times, we have settled into a more comfortable relationship of gardening and muddy walks.

In fairness our relationship has become too tired and worn and we are unfortunately no longer suited to the activities we once completed with ease.

A look down memory lane quickly reminds me of the other friends I have shared my running life with:

photo 1


Signing Off

I hope this article makes you think about the friends you have shared your running with, the long term old friends, the new friends and even the short term friends who you soon part ways with.

Think of your friends fondly and remember the good times and achievements you have had together.

Do you have any memorable stories about trainers you loved or even hated?

What is the best pair of trainers you have ever owned?

Who out there is maybe a barefoot runner who doesn’t even wear running trainers?

We look forward to hearing your tales both lighthearted and serious.