What Are You Addicted To?

What Are You Addicted To? Addiction is a funny thing. You often hear about drug addiction and the like – real hard hitting stuff that ruins people lives. But what about smaller scale addictions? Things that become part of our routine that we rely on and struggle to do with out? Giving up my addiction […]


Tri Carb Review

Tri Carb Review Myprotein are a value product, no doubt about it. But what about a specific carbohydrate supplement? Can they compete with the big guns of the fitness world? I recently put my tolerance of sit down loo visits to the test with Tri Carb… Product Overview Tri Carb is essentially a carbohydrate energy […]


Say ‘Hello’ Or Run On By?

Say ‘Hello’ Or Run On By? How often do you run by other runners when you are out running? I know it is all dependent on where you are running and what time of day and also the area where you live, but think about it for a minute. If you think about all the […]


Recovery XS Review

Recovery XS Review Well I have been thinking long and hard as to how to tackle this review. God knows why Myprotein have named this product Recovery XS. Neither ‘extra small’ nor ‘excess’ make any sense with relation to this supplement, but if you’re a review skimmer and you’re thinking CBA for the whole of […]


Monday Morning Blues – Monday Motivation Or Monday Moaning?

Monday Morning Blues – Monday Motivation Or Monday Moaning? I don’t like Mondays… I hate Mondays! Not my words but probably the thoughts of the majority of the working population at some point on a Sunday evening and a Monday morning. Even when you type ‘Monday’ into Google the first related search it offers you […]

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