Running Humour


My Running Friends

My Running Friends In this article I’d like to take the opportunity to share with you my best running friends, my companions I pound the pavements with, the friends I hit the trails with to splatter in mud and sweat. Together we have ran hundreds of miles over hundreds of hours. We have been many […]


50 Hilarious Running Costumes

50 Hilarious Running Costumes Running Junkies has compiled, for your amusement, 50 of the funniest and wackiest running costumes to ever grace the tarmac. From superheroes and animals to giant genitalia and pregnant nuns, these race costumes are bound to raise a smile! But while most of these runners are undoubtedly having a bit of […]

funny marathon sign 10

16 Of The Funniest Ever Race Signs

16 Of The Funniest Ever Race Signs I was about two miles into my first marathon when I saw a spectator holding up a sign which said: “Keep going! Not far to go now!” Regardless of whether this chap was being deliberately sarcastic, had completely lost all sense of time and place, or was just […]

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